I’m SOLE Serious…



I take my foot wear very seriously and happy feet are a must in my book!  But I find it easy to write off those tender heels and arch aches and chalk it up to the mentality that beauty is pain.  Well after too many killer heels (literally and figuratively), I’ve decided to get smart and serious about my foot care!  Through the blogosphere and IG, I had heard a lot of positive reviews about Solemates and their thorough line of foot care products.  So I figured I would try as many as I could and maybe like one or two… because who ever really loves every single product??? Well let me tell you, I did and I do!  Holy moly, these products really do work.  And well, to boot! <— So punny, I know 🙂

Solemates Complete Collection

You know when you are dressed to the nines in your favorite summer party dress and an adorable pair of strappy heels? And you are feeling fierce girl! Then you realize that not only is it an outdoor wedding, but that you (in your heels) have to walk what seems to be a mile on grass to get to your seat.  And with every step you take, your heels sink deep into the dewy ground.  You get to your seat and your worst fears are confirmed, you have about 3 inches of mud and dirt on your precious party heels!  Sure, if they’re patent then they’ll just wipe off, but what if they’re not?! Not only does your fierce attitude and confidence plummet, but your absolute favorite pair of heels are ruined!  This has happened to me one too many times and I am happy to say it never will again thanks to Solemates and these super smart, functional, and sleek heel caps that prevent you from sinking into the grass!


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.50.48 PM

Solemates Shoe Buff

I don’t know about you, but I am tough on my shoes.  Especially those few pairs that I wear 2-4x a week (umm hello nude heels, I am talking to you!), and I love a product that gives me even more wear and longevity!  This shoe buff is super convenient thanks to it’s little handy-dandy holder, and works like a charm.  I had it in my purse last week and I am so happy I did because right before heading into an awards banquet dinner, I looked down at my shoes to see that they were in desperate need of some TLC.  I was so relieved to have my shoe buff in my tote and after just a few swipes, my kicks were looking refreshed and rejuvenated!



20151114-IMG_7779  20151114-IMG_7775

Solemates Leather Protector

We spend good money on our shoes and handbags and you can be darn sure that I will do everything I can to ensure that they stay beautiful for years to come!  So I was quite eager to try the Solemates Leather Protector spray, seeing that winter is right around the corner (like snow this Friday people!) and I have a few leather goods that I needed to winterize.  Well I kiiiiiind of went to town because I literally sprayed everything with this!  My favorite gray leather Tory Burch satchel, a few other Kate Spade leather bags, and pretty much every pair of shoes I own.  This protectant can be used on shoes or handbags. Trust me when I say that it is imperative to protect your prized investments from rain, salt, snow, or sleet!  Just like we wax our cars to prevent rust and fading paint, we need to be sure to protect our closet staples.  This product works on Leather, Suede and even Fabric!


Solemates Blister Blocker

There is nothing worse than busting out a new pair of shoes and you are SO EXCITED to rock them all day just to find out that by 10am, you are suffering from some major blisters!  I absolutely hate breaking in shoes.  In fact, when I read reviews and it says “after you break them in, they’re great”…. Yeah, no thanks, I’ll pass.  I work hard for my money and therefor want the products I buy to work hard for me!  So in the event that those shoes you-just-had-to-have and refuse to take back because they are just too pretty, end up giving you the dreaded blister (or 5), have no fear because the Solemates Blister Blocker is here!  The Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm creates an invisible barrier to help prevent blisters. It glides on smoothly to bare feet without leaving any greasy residue. It’s amazing for breaking in new shoes or for preparing your feet for those particularly long days.




Thank you so much to Solemates for not only sponsoring this post, but for creating such wonderful products that keep our feet and footwear happy and healthy!  All opinions are my own.


Holiday Gift Guide for HER!

Holiday Gift Guide for HER

Hi gals and happy Tuesday! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just two days away??? Where the heck did this month go? Though I hate how fast time passes by, I am pretty darn excited to eat my face off on Thursday and to begin decking our halls for Christmas! I used to be quite the shopping procrastinator (like Christmas Eve) when it came to finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones.  And after a few hectic experiences and swearing to myself I would never wait to the last minute again, I have finally got my buns in gear to get my shopping done early!  I have the most adorable mom and sister, plus some pretty fabulous galpals, so I created this gift guide with them in-mind.  Most everything you see here is under $50, plus free shipping! I can’t get over those emoji earrings (like hello, perfect for your favorite social media lovin’ lady in your life) and those black booties are under $75! Not to mention those darling accent pillows and glitter stemless wineglasses are not only darling, but inexpensive and ideal for a cozy homebody and/or wine lover!

Tell me what’s on your Christmas wish list!

Cozy Pink Sweater + Giveaway!


IMG_9257 IMG_9258


Photography by The Adventure Culture by Michelle Bazis and Heidi Thorson

Hi sister-friends and happy Friday!!!  How was everyone’s week? Ours was super busy-bee with work events and we had our first snow fall!  Yes, you are reading that right.  And it also rained cats and dogs, hailed golfballs, and we had lightening strike our neighbor’s tree.  Yeah, super bizarro weather!

Anywho, it’s no secret that I love every single shade of pink, so when I saw this super cozy pink sweater from Chicwish, I seriously couldn’t resist!  It is such a pretty shade of pastel pink and it has that over-sized feel without looking like you’re wearing a potato sack.  And not only are blush tones very in for Fall & Winter, this little number will transition flawlessly into Spring.  Making it the perfect addition to any outfit on those cool April days! I paired it with this darling tee and super adorable (and comfy!) booties from Peter Pyper and my favorite pair of light-wash ripped jeans.  It was a casual yet chic outfit for a coffee date in Dundee with Michelle and Heidi!

Speaking of floral tee and booties, I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram with Peter Pyper to bring one lucky lady the chance to win their choice between the tee or the shoes!  Head on over and join in on the fun!!! (@sarasab)




pink-2    pink-7


Pink Sweater c/o Chicwish // Floral Tee (not online yet) + Booties c/o Peter Pyper // Reversible Tote // Similar Jeans // Monogram Necklace (3XL – 18in Chain) // KS Necklace // Sunnies // Watch // Bracelets – Mesh + Crystal Slip On, Clover Bangle, Rope Cuff, Gold Leaf Bangle // Nail Polish // Phone Cover // Earrings // Lips – Step 1 & Step 2

Thank you to Chicwish for sponsoring this post!

Sporty Spice…



IMG_8972    IMG_8963

Hi sisters and happy Thursday!  Saturday night was the day I have been waiting for since March (dun, dun, dun)…. the return of Creighton Basketball!  If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that Tony and I are diehard Creighton basketball fans and we never miss a game.  In fact, last year we traveled from Omaha to NYC to watch our beloved bluejays play in the Big East tournament!

So you may be wondering, “Sara, what does this have to do with a fashion blog?”… and let me tell you, everything!  I am not a t-shirt gal (especially those stiff,  boxy mens style ones that they give out for free in the t-shirt launcher thingy at half-time) so the past few years I have figured out a few key ways to support my team and wear my blue, while still feeling cute!  Here are my top tricks! And they can be applicable to any sporting event, no matter which team you cheer for!

1.  Get wedge sneakers!  I have a grey pair of wedge sneaks and I wear them all the time.  I’m a shorty so I love that I look casual but have a little bit of height without feeling over dressed

2.  When in doubt, wear tall boots, nice black leggings, and stock up on tunics in your team’s colors!  I always add an infinity scarf (think a bright yellow! or blue and white plaid) for the long walks from the Blatt to the Clink, aka from the bar to the building 🙂

3.  Never leave home without some great gold (or silver) jewelry!  I may be wearing leggings and a tunic, but I always feel better when I’ve got some bling on my arm, my favorite gold monogram necklace, and some stud earrings.  Simple yet pulled together!

4.  High-waisted flare jeans in a dark denim!  I wear them all the time to games with gray wedge booties and then dress it down with a v-neck blue or white tee and wear a plaid button down or cozy cardigan.

5.  Olive skinny jeans or jeggings! Super on trend for Fall/Winter and looks great with blue!  Olive pants are a step above jeans yet still remain casual while adding an interesting color to your outfit!

6.  Sleek cross body bag with a gold chain or hardware OR a great tote bag.  This reversible tote will be accompanying me to every game, especially as the weather gets colder, because I can stuff my coat into my bag and still be hands free!

7.  A light weight puffer coat (only $35!) because this allows you to bundle up for winter games, but it’s not too big so you can stuff it in your tote when you get inside.  I have a black one!

IMG_8961 IMG_8959  IMG_8953


IMG_8484_Thorson05 IMG_8498_Thorson06

I hope sharing my tips and tricks for sporting events helps with any questions you may have as you plan your sporty ensembles as you cheer on your favorite teams!  Thanks so much for reading and have an awesome day, sister-friends!

Cozy at Home with Gordmans






Hi gals and happy Monday!  I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with Gordmans to show YOU how I get cozy at home [Bedroom Style] and on a budget!  Gordmans offers incredible home decor pieces at even better prices and the style and aesthetic of what they carry is on-point.  I joined forces with a few other bloggers who are also showing us how they incorporate Gordmans Fall Style into their home decor, so be sure to check out these fellow blogging babes! [Katalina Girl] [Life On Virginia Street]

Also, Gordmans has granted us the pleasure to offer YOU a 20% off coupon!  Just follow this link and shop away!

Now, let’s break down all the goodies I picked up last weekend at Gordmans!

Gray/Blue Cheetah Tassel PillowGray/Silver Pillow – White/Gray Velour Throw Blanket (navy option linked)

You guys.  I am all about the pillows.  Seriously!  The more throw pillows, the better!  Tony disagrees because he is a trooper and sometimes makes the bed when I don’t have time in the morning before work.  And he knows I cannot stand when our bed isn’t made!  It’s all fun and games until I come home to a disheveled bedroom and a messy bed!  So yes, I have an unhealthy addiction with really cute throw pillows.  It’s not good.  Or is it??? Usually the pillows I pick out are way over budget, but to my delightful surprise, the enormous selection of affordable throw pillows that Gordmans has is truly a pillow hoarder’s dream!

Throw Blankets (really soft and cozy throw blankets) are also a major weakness of mine.  Therefor,  felt like a kid in a candy store when trying to choose just one!  The patterns, fabrics, colors, fringe, etc.!  I mean, how is a girl to choose.  This gray and white geo print fringe number definitely had to make it’s way home with me!

White Heart Mug (not online yet)

When I can quench my thirst (hobby) for collecting coffee mugs, and for under $6 bucks, I skip down the aisles drunk on the brown stuff!  I saw this darling white heart-handle mug, and it’s 20 ounce cup of goodness, and knew it would have a place in my cabinet!  Gordmans has such a great selection of mugs, tumblers, and water bottles in all shapes, sizes, and colors!  Like pillows, more the merrier.

Silver-Mirrored Picture Frame (similar) – Gray Lamp (cool option) – White Ceramic Fragrance Bead Holder – Silver/White Candle

You know when you have certain spaces in your room/house that are your “me” place.  Where, on the outside it looks pretty and neat, but hiding in the drawers is an ungodly amount of used tissues and a heaping pile of receipts for items that you’ll “probably return”.  Well for me, that place is definitely my nightstand!  Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired and unsure as to how I wanted to spruce it up.  But literally after a few short minutes of roaming the aisles, I was pleasantly overwhelmed with how many fun and unique items Gordmans carries!  They sure do have an abundance of darling home goodies.  We will eventually be getting new, all-white bedroom furniture, but in the mean time, I am incorporating interesting accent items into our bedroom to keep it fresh and airy!

Blue Painted Canvas ( not online but love this one) – Silver Eiffel Tower (not online but this Eiffel Tower Canvas is perfection!) – “Happily Ever” After Jewelry Plate (not online) (Parisian Jewelry Plate)

I’m a sucker for uplifting sayings and I can always make room for more!  I believe that a woman’s bedroom should be a place of serenity, positivity, and a safe space to retreat when the daily grind gets tough and you need a reprieve.  Adding little quotes on neat decor pieces that remind us to be happy, be great, and to just be, are what makes a house a home.  Gordmans has such a great selection of painted canvases, framed prints, and all sorts of fun wall art!  I had such a hard time deciding on only one to bring home with me!

I bought this silver Eiffel Tower and “Happily Ever After” Eiffel Tower jewelry plate because I will be traveling to Paris in March!  I love when pieces not only inspire but actually tell your story and remind you of the greatest adventures, and I imagine that these two items will do just that.  Not only will our London and Paris trip be one for the books, but getting engaged to Tony truly was the most amazing day of my life and I can’t wait to live Happily Ever After.

And look who happened to come home in the middle of shooting our room?! Oh my sweet Tone.  He is down-right goofy, always smiling and laughing, and he melts my heart!  Still after 7.5+ years, he steals my heart and there is no one else I would rather create a home with.



IMG_9377 IMG_9378





Thank you to Gordmans for sponsoring this post and helping me feather my nest!

And don’t forget to spread the love to these gals who are also featuring their Gordmans Fall Style!

Felt All Over The World…


Good morning friends and happy Saturday.  Happy because it’s the weekend.  Happy because we have one more day to hug our loved ones tight.  But terribly sad and heartbroken due to the tragic events that took place yesterday in Paris.  I will never understand how and why things like this happen, not only in our country, but all over this great big world.  My heart aches and breaks for every person affected by this horrific act, but also for every person who has ever been touched by this beautiful country.  Michelle and I are traveling to Paris in March and even without having visited yet, I feel their loss, pain, and devastation.  Prayers for Paris.


God Bless.  xoxo – Sara

Eiffel Tower Photo // Corinthians Quote

Fashion & Design for Families

When interior design and fashion unite to support a local nonprofit organization, you can’t help but feel and look good, on the inside (and out)! I am so excited to be involved with second annual “Spotlight on Design for Families” fashion show, not only because the local nonprofit benefiting from this event is my beloved employer, Heartland Family Service, but also because this event is yet another testament to local businesses coming together as partners, and not competition.


Interiors Joan and Associates are the gracious hosts of “Spotlight on Design for Families” fashion show that will benefit Heartland Family Service on Thursday, November 12th.  At the event, guests will enjoy appetizers from Hap Abraham Catering and cocktails from The Tavern, as men and women model clothing and accessories from Nouvelle Eve and Lindley Clothing, all while showcasing the interior decorating of Interiors Joan and Associates designers. Kontempo salon is doing the hair and makeup for the models, and Adventure Culture by Michelle Bazis is providing photography. Mary Nelson from KMTV’s The Morning Blend will be the master of ceremonies.

Lindi Janulewicz, the Marketing Director for Interiors Joan and Associates, said it best when I asked her how and why this event came to be! “Pairing fashion with interior design seemed like such a natural choice. Our industries are very much related in terms of trends and materials. To create an opportunity to showcase our businesses and our event business partners is wonderful, but we knew we also wanted the event to serve a bigger purpose, and when the opportunity came to benefit Heartland Family Service, everything fell into place!”  Interiors Joan and Associates create the most beautiful spaces and have an insane eye for style and detail!

image004 image003 image001

The event is open to the public but with limited admittance, so be sure to arrive early!  Your ticket into the door is a donation from the Heartland Family Service Wish List. The requested items are duffle bags, teen undergarments (girls sizes 3-10, boys sizes S-XL), diapers (newborn and up) new stuffed animals, and monetary gifts. Guests who bring a donation may enter a drawing for door prizes. In addition, the first 20 guests to arrive will receive a Premier Gift Bag with French chocolate bars from Interiors Joan and Associates made by The Cordial Cherry, gifts from Nouvelle Eve and Lindley Clothing, gift cards and coupons. IMG_8032 The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries nuts  The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries corporate client gift box Christmas 1

Event Information:

Date = Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Time = 7:00 pm

Place = Interiors Joan and Associates

Location = 13130 W. Dodge Road, Omaha

Cost = A donation to Heartland Family Service

Wish List: Duffle Bags, Teen Undergarments, Diapers, New Stuffed Animals, and Monetary Gifts

If you are in the Omaha-Metro area, please feel free to join us and come say hi!

Seats Filled, Heart Full… #GNO





IMG_9088 IMG_9089

Photography by The Adventure Culture by Michelle Bazis 

Seats filled, hearts full is how I would describe Wednesday evening.  Girls Night Omaha event #2 – Fall in Love with Layers – was a blast!  I beyond thankful and quite humble for the opportunity to share my passion with others.  We had a fabulous guest, Dana, who is one part of the dynamic duo behind Talisman, a vintage brand that specializes in perfectly curated collections of gorgeous and one-of-a-kind handbags, shoes, and accessories! We took all of your feedback from the first event and poured it into this second event, in a major effort to make it better than ever.  We had swag bags, Inspired Living magazines, and discount shopping codes galore, plus some pretty fabulous giveaways!  There were six models, instead of three and I specifically ordered every single piece of clothing and accessories that each girl was wearing.  Plaids, Fringe, & Suede took center stage and boy did we layer on the accessories!

The Cookie Girl made us some delicious cookies and the gals behind Inspired Living shared their amazing Adult Egg Nog and Holiday Sangria recipes with us for our guests’ delight!  Paper Lovely goods made an appearance (the cutest and most adorable prints and cards made by a turn-of-the-century Letterpress) and jewels from Haute Bauble landed their way into the goodie bags.  Blooms, a local flower shop, donated their flower power and those centerpieces were the icing on the cake!  My sweet fiancé (owner of Keep Cool Watches) provided our blogger guests with plaid watches and a local hair extraordinaire, Becca, generously gave a styling tool to one lucky lady as a giveaway prize!

So to sum it all up, the seats were filled, our hearts are full, and everyone left with a smile (and a shopping bag full of fabulous Fall pieces)!  Thank you to everyone for supporting us in this endeavor.  Michelle and I couldn’t be more grateful for allowing us to follow our dreams and to spread the love to local shops and business owners in Omaha.  And a huge shout out to Four Sisters Boutique for being loyal partners and friends!

PSA – Do yourself a favor and use the code GNO10 until Wednesday at Four Sisters Boutique new online site!





IMG_9009    IMG_9007        IMG_9102 IMG_9093 IMG_9094 IMG_9095 IMG_9096 IMG_9097  IMG_9091

Blush, White + Gray Shades



Hey girls!  When a shirt perfectly describes how you feel approximately 50% of your waking hours, one must get it, wear it as many times as socially acceptable, and when someone asks you why your a crab apple, you just point to your shirt, and say, enough said.  LOL! But legit, I am hungry all. the. time.  I eat about 5-6 times a day and when hunger strikes, I seriously do get testy!  So the message here is that hangry-ness happens and no one is safe!  This Hangry Tee from Sheinside.com is just under $9 and can most definitely be dressed up or down.  I’ve worn it as seen here, but have also paired it with leggings, a big cozy sweater, and my white chucks for a Starbucks afternoon this past weekend!

I love dressing up simple tops and graphic tees with a great structured blazer and my more-holes-than-fabric favorite pair of jeans!  The fitted jacket and pointed-toe heels take this from basic to date-night chic in a blink of an eye!  When wearing a top that has a saying or vivid print, I like to keep my jewelry simple, but that doesn’t mean understated!  The beautiful necklace and silver bangle bracelets from Musana Jewelry were the perfect match for this neutral look!  Musana’s Mission is very simple…Helping women become empowered and strong while providing fierce fashion.  Their artisans work full-time at a workshop in Lugazi, Uganda. For most of them, it’s the first time they’ve received a steady salary. The financial stability of employment allows artisans to provide their children with a stable home, nutritious food, medical care and an education.

My necklace and bangles are fresh off their Fall line! Be sure to check out the rest of the collection and know you are giving back while rockin’ your fabulous jewelry!






Hangry Tee c/o Sheinside.com // Necklace & Bangles c/o Musana Jewelry // Similar Blazer // Similar Jeans // Heels // Similar Clutch // Earrings // Sunnies // Watch // Lips – Step 1 + Step 2

Thanks so much for reading and have an awesome day, GFs!!!