Sunday Blessings

Good evening and Happy Sunday my loves! I was going to share with you my first ‘Splurge vs Save’ but decided to leave you with some Sunday blessings instead.  Today, my heart is full of joy as I am thankful for so many things! It was a beautiful 70 degree, sunny day and I was finally able to take the boys out for a stroll through the park! I love those little angel puppies and they bring me so much unconditional love and lots of kisses.  On top of our afternoon park date; I was able to sleep in, make a grocery run, take a snooze, did a closet purge, and watched college hoops with Tone! Though it may seem mundane and uneventful, I am very thankful for those things! To be able to get in the car and drive to the store where I can buy healthy food for me and my loved one is a blessing.  To have a home that I love and share my life with my little family; I am thankful.  To have a healthy body that I can get outside, walk my dogs and enjoy the beautiful weather; I am thankful.  To have a job that allows me to be home on the weekends with my family and where I can be lazy and watch basketball all day; I am thankful.

I promise tomorrow’s blog post will get back to fashion and some great finds, but I thought it only appropriate that we reflect on the great things and blessing we have, rather than discuss what we are wanting!

Sunday blessings and lots of love!

xoxo, Sara

5 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings

  1. The quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy” is one of my all time favorites!! Also, I just had to come say hi after I saw you wearing a “McBuckets” shirt on Instagram… my brother’s business made those! Small world! Was too excited to find a blogger from Nebraska :). Hope you’re doing well!!

    • Hi Darcy! Such a small world, Tony went to high school with your brother 🙂 We loved our McBuckets shirts and cannot wait to sport them in NYC for the tourney this week! Tony mentioned that you are a blogger based in KC. Are you going to be attending the Go Blog Social conference April 4-5? I am going to be going and would love to meet in-person if you are too!

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