Bold + Bright

Hello loves and Happy Monday! This candy-colored goodness of an outfit was a must on this gorgeous 75 degree sunny day! I had to sneak in as much color as I could because the weather is taking a turn to the chilly side tomorrow and then on Wednesday, Tony and I are headed to NYC where it is also chilly and gray!


This outfit was centered and assembled around this gorgeous bright blue bag that I got for an amazing price-point at Target! I knew I had to bust this baby out before we head off for vacay (I don’t want to get it dirty so it’s staying home lol!) and today’s warm temps most definitely called for some yummy, cheery goodness! Bag, check.  Amazing printed scarf, check.  Neon pink pants, check.  Yep, I think yet again I was a stand-out at work!  Add a bow-adorned shoe and voila = perfectly punchy and polished!

This ensemble definitely put a pep in my step! If you have not yet discovered the Broken-in Khakis by Gap, do it, NOW! I have these pants in three more colors and they are the perfect work pant for Spring/Summer/Fall! I would suggest sizing down as they have more of a boyfriend fit to them.  The cream blouse is from Old Navy and I wear it constantly because it is so versatile.  I should have stocked-up and gotten more when I had the chance! What’s the one color in my wardrobe that I have a lot of? White/Cream tops.  They literally go with everything. It can be dressed up or down, and transition flawlessly from fall/winter to spring/summer! What are the key pieces that you ladies stock-up on and are your go-to’s?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great day!

xoxo, Sara

4 thoughts on “Bold + Bright

  1. This is sucha beautiful spring outfit!!!! You make me want spring to arrive even more impatiently! You didn’t mention where you got your scarf from, if its a recent purchase I would love to hunt for it

    • Thank you so very much! The scarf is from Shop Urbanite/ Urbanite Jewelry and you can find them on IG 🙂 I did link the scarf to their Instagram account, as well. You will definitely love it; the perfect spring accessory!

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