Melon, Mint… Oh My!

Hey dears and Happy Humpday! Okay… so yes, this did happen.  Well-played J.Crew, well-played.  The melon and mint colors are brilliant and bright and they are sure to enhance my spring and summer attire!

Farewell and good-bye to new items as I am dedicating myself to a no-shopping ban until May 1st! Things can get out of control when perusing the J.Crew website and clearly I was weak and pathetic!  It is my plan to go every other month without purchasing anything I can wear on my body.  I need to walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk and hold true to my personal goal to have fewer, better things and be content with what I already have! So consider this another #closetremixchallenge and wish me luck.  I’ve unsubscribed from all emails (Kate Spade, J.Crew, Old Navy, Gap, Loft, etc) and have stopped searching IG for closets to shop.  I simply do not need anything.  There are many, many people who do so much more with much less.  I do not want to be consumed with wants, wanting, etc. and I need to learn the power that comes with saying NO! Does anyone else have a hard time saying no and not getting enthralled in the IG and online excitement that are sales and steals from our favorite stores?

In my defense, I only spent $53.00 while shopping in NYC…  just stating the facts!

Speaking of mint, I wore this little number today to work! All winter I have been staring into my closet and eyeing this pair of Jcrew mint denim and I could not wait one more day to wear them! 50 and sunny is a darn good excuse and I did not hesitate.  Plus, tomorrow is the first day of Spring, heyooo!

I purchased this Ann Taylor Loft mint and blue tassel scarf from my closet.  Yes, you read that right! My fabulous friend, Jenn, and I sell our gently used and sometimes brand new clothes, shoes, and accessories through our IG closet! So Jenn sends me her items via email and I list them in the closet.  But once I opened that attachment and saw this gorgeous scarf, I knew it had to be mine and would not be making an appearance in the ole IG closet! The pattern is lovely and the soft, pastel shades are simply sweet and perfect for Spring and the look I am going for.


What to wear with prints and color? Well a chambray shirt, of course! And a polka dotted one at that.  I threw on a pair of silver glitter Nine West loafers and opted for a classic cream and tan Coach satchel with white patent leather and silver chain detail and felt instantly polished and perfectly appropriate for a Humpday Work Wednesday!

Cheers to the first official day of Spring!

xoxo, Sara

4 thoughts on “Melon, Mint… Oh My!

  1. I TOTALLY agree with everything you said about shopping and being content with what you already have! I get caught up in sales and IG fashionistas and think I JUST have to have one more top or statement necklace, when in reality, I don’t need any more! Love you style and can’t wait to see you closet remix! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing! It can be overwhelming to constantly be on the hunt for that next item we ‘need’ and then all of a sudden it hits me like, whoa what’s going on here?!? IG and following my favorite blogs can be so fun and inspiring but it can sometimes lead to too much wanting/needing and time spent when it could be devoted to helping others, bettering myself and being with the people I love!

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