A Poppin’ Clutch!

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Hello gals!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great Monday!  My Monday started off great, as I was able to promote our fundraiser event, bright and early on a local news show with one of our VP’s (Basically very fun, but nervous and exciting and a career first = great experience!)

But then tone called and told me some not so great news.  He was taking the boys on their daily walk in the park when Franklin was suddenly attacked by a very large Shepard/Husky breed of dog.  Thankfully, Tony was super quick to react and was able to save Franklin.  Literally, save his life.  Our other pup was so scared that he tried to run and get away.  And guess how bad the dog’s owner felt? Zero.  Nothing.  They didn’t event react or run to help.  I cannot tell you how mad it makes me that ignorant, irresponsible people put others in danger.  There is a leash-law for a reason.  The dog appeared friendly and then out of nowhere, attacked Franklin and punctured his neck and ribs.  And I’m not even mad at the dog; I am a true animal lover to the core.  I believe that bad/harmful pets are created by irresponsible/negligent owners.

It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful to have my little guy still here with us.  I will be cuddling the poo out of him!  So word to the wise, please leash your dogs and be a responsible pet owner!

Now, let’s move on and discuss this clutch brought to you by Sew Sarah R!  She seriously makes BY HAND the most perfectly crafted clutches in punchy, bright patterns and hues!  Also, her bloggity blog is pretty fantastic, as well, so stop on by to shop and get some major style inspiration!

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Sew Sarah R Clutch ℅ | Nine West Water Color Pumps (option)(option)(option)(option)(option)| Jcrew Mint Eyelet Mini (option)| Target Graphic Tee (option)| Mindy Mae’s Market Ice Drops Necklace, Mint & Pink Bracelets ℅ | Antebellum Baubles Turquoise Bangle ℅ | Jcrew Beaded Bracelet (option)(option)| Sira&Mara Silver Spike Bracelet ℅ | Luxe Craving Arctic Freeze Bracelet ℅ | Gold Fossil Watch (ON SALE!)| Aldo Sunnies (option)

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and well wishes for my Baby Frank; it means the world to me!  I hope everyone has a lovely day and that you all are well, happy and safe!


6 thoughts on “A Poppin’ Clutch!

  1. Sorry to hear about your doggie Sarita!! Hope he feels better soon, my little Sophia was actually bitten by my neighbors dog (total accident and she says she still loves him) and I know the feeling! We were getting stitches on a Saturday night and had to rush out of a wedding to do so, anyway long story short she’s ok! I love the clutch and all the colors of your outfit girl, especially how your eyes match that eyelet skirt! Have an awesome week ❤️❤️❤️

    • Karina, my sista! How scary 😦 I was just sick about it when Tony called me while at work. It’s never good when he starts out the conversation, ‘We have a situation but don’t panic’ ha! Easier said than done! xoxo!

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