iPhone Archives + Friday Frills Link-Up!

Hello sistas and Happy 4th of July!  What are you ladies up to this weekend? I am so excited to celebrate with my fam and friends! Perks of my parents having a lovely pool in their backyard = a 3-day summer-fun party with lots of food, cocktails, SPF and some backyard Fireworks!  Can’t wait to here what your plans are!

Now let’s get to the fun part and delve into the Friday Frills Link-Up!!!


All you have to do is follow myself, Sarah, and Kate on Bloglovin’, repost/share our button (located on the right side-bar!) and VOILA!

Now let’s just take a minute and focus on Jess from Bless Her Heart Y’all and her uber fabulous ensemble!


I was so drawn to this look because a.) the white jeans are SO on-point, and b.) I am no stranger to color!  I loved loved LOVED the way Jess paired the simplicity of white jeans with the effortless color block tank that made for the perfect summer outfit; day or night!

Want to Link-Up??? Click on this little link and you will be there in an instant!

So to keep it simple and to the point, I am leaving you with some pics I found on the camera roll that never made it into a blog post or to IG!

photo 4

Antebellum Baubles ℅ | Luxe Craving Arctic Freeze ℅ | Style This Life Gold Chain & Tassel ℅ | Gold Watch

photo 2

 Purple Peridot Mint Rosette ℅

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.15.05 PM

Purple Peridot Bow Necklace ℅ | Antebellum Baubles ℅ | Mindy Mae’s Market ℅ | Family Gold Bangles | Gold Watch

photo 1

Jcrew Necklace | Jcrew Silk Popover Blouse (option)| Old Navy Silk Pants (option)| Nude Pumps (option)

photo 1

Blue MK Clutch (0ption)| Gold Fossil Watch| Luxe Craving Arctic Freeze ℅

photo 4

 Antebellum Baubles ℅ |Mindy Mae’s Market ℅ | Sira&Mara Spike Bracelet ℅ | Style This Life Gold Chain & Tassel ℅ | Gold Fossil Watch

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.14.44 PM

Old Navy Metallic Sandals| Black Pants (option)| Target Sailboat Blouse (option)| Target Pink Cardi (option)| Target Teal Satchel (option)| Leopard & Latte Mint Tassel Necklace

photo 3

Antebellum Baubles ℅ | Style This Life Gold Chain & Tassel ℅ | Urbanite Bow Bracelet ℅ | Gold Fossil Watch

I hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend and make sure to take a moment to remember why this day is of the utmost importance to this great country and our freedom!



6 thoughts on “iPhone Archives + Friday Frills Link-Up!

  1. Girlfriend, you know how to do an arm party!! Love all of those, and that mint rosette necklace – to.die! I am obsessed with anything mint. I need therapy. 😉 Have a safe and happy 4th by the pool. That’s where we’ll be as well! XO


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    • Rachel, thank you for linking up with us! Where did the weekend go?! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already :/ hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, xo!

    • Thank you, love! I am working on being better and more consistent with taking photos and blogging, so thank you for stopping by and for the kind words!

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