Love is the new Hate + Sale Code!


Hello gals and Happy Fri-YAY!  Today I am sharing with you this graphic long-sleeve tee that speaks for itself.  LOVE IS THE NEW HATE.  For me this is quite fitting and a perfect message to relay, as recently I’ve received some not so nice comments and feedback on my Instagram feed.  It is just downright hurtful and unnecessary.  I don’t always love every single outfit of every single person I follow, but do I take the time to write some nasty comment? No chance.  Just scroll on people!  So I think the clever and wise ladies over at Our World Boutique got this one just right and I am so glad to share it with all you lovers out there! And SURPRISE… use the code SABBY20 to get yourself a nice lil discount over at Our World Boutique!







Top: Our World Boutique ℅ Cute graphic tees 1, 2 | Denim: American Eagle and a fab pair here! | Necklace: SoCal Gems ℅ | Heels: Forever 21 and these nude beauties| Clutch: Local Boutique but fun styles here and here | Sunnies (old) but super cute ones here and here |

Now it’s link-up time! First, I want to say thank you to all of you fabulous and stylish ladies who have linked up with Kate, Sarah and myself.  We greatly appreciate your friendship and support during this blogging journey!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.38.49 PM

This week’s featured blogger is the gorgeous Ariel from Auteur Ariel!  We absolutely LOVED her darling watermelon top!  Her outfit is such a great salute to Summer and she is going out with a fun and festive bang!



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Thank you for stopping by SabbyStyle and I hope everyone has a glorious weekend!

9 thoughts on “Love is the new Hate + Sale Code!

  1. Gah haters are the worst, especially the anonymous ones that hide behind social media. Sorry they were mean to you, that’s no good! I love this outfit by the way and am linking up!


    • Hey, Brooke! I try and not let them get to me, especially when I’m reminded of how great, kind, and supportive so many lovely ladies are! Thanks for stopping by, xo!

  2. I don’t know how anyone could be mean to you, sweet girl!! That’s just blasphemy!! You’re a gorgeous, down to earth babe who always looks fabulous!! Love your posts and your style!!

  3. Sara! I wanted to share this bold post from another fashion blogger I follow. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have cruel comments hurled at you from strangers…it breaks my heart for you and all the other women out there brave enough to post pictures of themselves doing what they love most! You seem beautiful inside and out, Sara! I hope you like this post! It made me tear up! Xoxo

      • Jamee, thank you SO much for sharing this link! I have been following J for quite some time now and it crushes me that she receives so much criticism and hurtful feedback. She is so down-to-earth and relatable! I hope I can achieve her level of success someday, but I know how daunting the haters can be; you have to mentally prepare for that. Thanks again for sharing and thank you for reading and following along, it means the world to me, xo!

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