Saturday Coffee with Sara

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Image // theBERRY

Hi lady loves and happy Saturday!  How was everyone’s week? Well mine was pretty pitiful (pun intended), we’ll just hop right into the Pit and Peak of the week!

PIT // Two Words… Kidney. Stone.  Ouch!  Yeah, my relaxing Sunday night turned into a trip to the ER and diagnosis of passing a kidney stone. It was the most excruciating pain I have experienced in a long, long time.  And I’ve put my head through a windshield, people! So I spent majority of the week recuperating and taking it easy.  The pain meds made me feel pretty wanky, which made for some interesting voicemails and emails at work!

Pit #2 (and most important, actually) We think our sweet baby Rog has something seriously wrong with him.  He has all the signs of diabetes or kidney disease/failure so please say lots and lots of prayers for our Roger.  He is only 5.5 and has so much life to live and love to give.  I just hope we can find a solution that we, a.) can afford and b.) that will give him a healthy quality of life.  Thank you in advance for all of your prayers and positive vibes!

PEAK // SCANDAL is back on! I can’t remember the last time I got into a show this much.  I loved the show Weeds a few years back and SOA/Jax Teller (surprisingly fell in love with this cast & story line) stole my heart, but usually I don’t get wrapped up into television shows.  Sure, sure, I am guilty of Real Housewives & American Idol, oh and the Bachelor… some I’m not proud of, okay! But I truly enjoy Scandal because the ever-so-gorgeous Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope, is a strong, smart character that loves and lives passionately.  And hey, who can’t get behind that? So long story short, I am uber happy that I have something to dive into again!

What are you gals thankful for this week? Sending you hugs & love and wishing you a happy weekend!








So… can we say wind.blow.  MY GOD people, this wind was insane in the membrane.  And you can clearly see my hair went to sh*t and I just had to laugh because this shoot was a lost cause! But, I do love the candid moments that Tone captured because honestly, blogging is fun.  It is not always glamorous or perfect (in fact, like never perfect), so this was a great true-life moment where nothing was going right but we were laughing through it all and those are the best moments!

Amidst the hurricane-like wind, this gorgeous necklace still looks stunning and I absolutely love the neon pink jewels! Such a statement and you know the color pink is right up my alley!







| Necklace // Shiny Mix c/o | Top c/o Le Boutique Shop (sold out) but similar (under $15!) | Denim (old) but fab options here, here (under $31) and here | Pumps (old) but love these (under $47!) | Clutch (old) similar here | Watch | Bracelet & Earrings // Shop Fabulessly c/o| 

Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous day!

Wish-List Wednesday… Weekend Vibes

weekend vibes

Polka Dot Scarf // Turquoise Earrings // Gold Flower Earrings // Nail Polish (under $3!) // Daisy Perfume // Sunnies (on sale for $20!) // White Chucks // Gold & Black Watch // Dainty Necklace // AG Denim (under $90!) // Snoopy Tee // Coral Bracelet // Tory Burch Satchel // Utility Jacket // MAC Lippie

Hello friends and happy Humpday!  So today I am sharing my typical weekend wear.  You can almost always find me in ripped jeans or leggings, my white chucks, a cute tee or tunic, my camo jacket, cat eye sunnies, and of course, my new TB bag! I keep the jewelry simple with a boyfriend watch, dainty necklace, and some classic stud earrings.  When Tone and I go out (which is kind of rare in the cold winter months, we are homebodies!), I will then change out of the tennies and opt for a classic pair of nude pumps, swap out camo jacket for a great blazer, throw on a couple more necklaces and bracelets, an voila! Instant day-to-night ensemble!

 What are your favorite pieces to rock come Saturday and Sunday? Have a great day and thanks so much for reading!

Saturday Coffee with Sara

Good morning GFs and a happy Saturday morning to you all!  So here we go with round 2 of Saturday Coffee with Sara and I want to say THANK YOU for your sweet feedback and excitement about this new Saturday series over here on Sabby Style!  Seriously, it made my week.  Your kind words of encouragement make blogging so much better and give me inspiration!


Image // MilkandHoneyLuxuries

PEAK of the week:  Okay, so normally I wouldn’t focus on a material object as my highlight of the week… but gals, I finally got my hands on my dream bag!

When these Kate Spade Beau Bag beauties came out late Summer of 2013, I went weak in the knees.  Obviously the pink and red colorblock speaks to my heart and who can resist the fantastic structure and shape? And the bow … icing on the cake.  But, was I going to spend a cool five-hundie? Nope, tone would have killed me! Mind you, I was working maybe 20 hours a week as an intern while finishing up Grad School so my budget was a bit smaller (emphasis on a bit) than it is now! But still, spending $500 on a bag gives me major heart palpitations.  So imagine my delight when I found this bag for sale on Instagram! I am friends with the seller and have purchased many an items from her in the past, so I knew she was legit and took great care of her items.  So, a couple Benjamin’s later, this baby became mine!  I also found my camel and black Beau Bag on Instagram, too and purchased it for half of the retail price and it was also in mint condition.  Patience pays because I now have two Beau Bags for the price of one.  Personal Victory!


Here are some darling versions of this bag! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67 & 8

PIT of the week: I am disappointed in myself because I did not work out once this week.  Not once.  And I had been doing so good! Granted, I think my body is fighting off a cold because I have been extremely exhausted right after work, been super groggy in the morning (I walked into my bedroom door, people), and have headaches almost every night (could be PMS), but still.  I had been not making any excuses, working out 4-5 days a week, eating very well, and not drinking alcohol in hopes to jump start my new year and get into better habits and a bikini bod for Hawaii in June!  I know it’s only one week, but I definitely get down on myself when I don’t follow through with my daily goals.  But, onward and upward and there is always tomorrow!

Have an awesome weekend and feel free to share your peak & pit of the week! I’m always here to listen, xo!





There’s something about ruffles and a perfect peach hue that makes this gal happy and feel oh-so-good! This top is so gorgeous and is a dream to wear.  I opted for some pretty pink & peach accessories and a white clutch to finish off the look.  And I’m digging how the camo jeans add a bit of edge to this soft palette and my nude pumps give the illusion (emphasis on illusion because I’m a shortie, ya’ll!) of longer stems!

Right quick let’s take a sec to chat about these pumps.  Much to my delight, I had some gals ask if these were loobs aka Christian Louboutin heels and let me be the first to say… hells no! This nonprofit, ballin’ on a budget, babe found these heels that achieved the pointy-toe loob look I wanted, for a fraction of the cost!  And these heels actually come in small sizes! I am a true 5.5 in heels so I knew I had to snag these when I put them on and they fit like a glove.







| Perfectly Peach Top // KISSmeMINT c/o Jane | Pink Jeweled Necklace + “&” Necklace // Clovers & Pearls c/o (code sara) | Bellini Bangle (sold out) but check out this mint beauty! // Tres Chic Boutique c/o | Earrings (sold out) but love these Kate Spade beauties! // Meachy Lynn c/0 | Denim (old) but great versions herehere | Pumps | Watch | Ring | Clutch (old) but very similar here | 

What do you gals have planned this weekend? I am SO ready to sleep in, lounge in my jammies, do some bible study, drink multiple cups of coffee, spend countless hours on Pinterst, and of course get some awesome things ready for ya’ll next week on Sabby Style!

Boots with the… Bow Clips!





Hello GFs and Happy Thursday to you all!  How is everyone’s week going? My days are all thrown off since I had Monday off, which is a good problem to have I suppose! So this past weekend Tone and I went out for a little date night after a day spent shopping and the temps cooled off quite a bit, so I changed from jeans and flats to my go-to leggings and my newest pair of Hunter Boots!  And it was perfect timing because it started raining while we were shooting this look 🙂  So, as if Hunter Boots weren’t amazing enough all alone, my gal Cristina, the genius behind Poppy Clips, invented these darling boot clips! How perfect are they? With hidden magnets they just pop right on and they stay on! I did not worry one minuto if I was going to loose one while walking.  And they can be easily removed and put on your next pair of boots.  I plan to put them on my bright pink Hunters next time!







Bow Boot Clips // Poppy Clips c/o (code sara for 15% off!) | Hunter Boots (mine are youth fyi) | Leopard Tunic (sold out) but I like this and this | Leggings | Scarf (old) but awesome version here and here! | Bracelet // Itchelita Jewelry c/o (code SPARKLE15) | Ring // Rocksbox

Thanks so very much for reading today and I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

[Inaugural] Wish-List Wednesday

wish list

| Fedora | Perfume | Scarf | Hair Bow | Blush/Bronzer | Circular Blush | Boston Terrier Cosmetic Bag | Metallic Glitter Belt | Pink Studded Belt | Flamingo Pink Lip Gloss | Rose Gold Watch | Eyeshadow Palette | Tan Booties | Heart Sunnies | Neon Pink Nail Polish |

Hello lovies and happy Wednesday to everyone! I am so excited to be starting a weekly Wednesday blog post titled WISH-LIST WEDNESDAY!  Every Wednesday I will be sharing with you my current crushes, faves, splurges, and saves on all things fashion & beauty related!  I want to know what YOU are wanting to see, hear, and know about or what you are currently loving, so please please leave your comments below, email me, hit me up on IG, or on Sabby Style FB Page!  Your feedback means the world to me.

So today’s theme is a bit Valentine’s Day inspired and we must acknowledge the infamous Mean Girls classic line of “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.”  Every item you see is under $35! Yes, you read that right.    I know that personally I went a bit cray cray over the holidays buying gifts for all of my loved ones (and maybe a few for myself) so keeping a mindful budget is very important to me, which is why when I can find great products and accessories that don’t break the bank!

Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous day!


Love Potion





Hello GFs and happy Tuesday!  How was everyone’s weekend? I had a 3-day weekend in observance of Martin Luther King day and man oh man, I sure could get used to only working 4 days a week ha!  Like seriously though… I had 16 days off over the Christmas and NY holiday and going back to work was, well, rough.  So props to all the nurses out there who figured it out early on that working 3 or 4 days a week was the way to go!

Moving on from the whoa is me, let’s talk about these gorgeezus earrings from Shop Fabulessly.  Well the name, Shop Fabulessly really speaks for just how incredible the product is, but the price-point is money! (pun intended).  These earrings are a whopping (pun intended again) $15 and are worth every single sparkle!

PS, I opted for a nude lip color rather than my usual bright pink lippie and let me tell you a secret, Revlon Just Bitten lip stain  I first apply your basic chapstick to coat my lips.  Then apply the lip stain color of your choice ( I have every one) and then apply a light peachy gloss (it’s old, I found it at the bottom of a purse I haven’t worn since last year… no judging) and bam, beautiful lips on a budget!











 Earrings // Shop Fabulously c/o (SARA20) | Pearl Bracelet // ShinyMix c/o | Pave & Gold Bracelet // Itchelita Jewelry c/o (code SPARKLE15) | Sweater | Boyfriend Denim| Pumps (old) // great options here, here and here| Watch

Thanks so much for swinging by to read today and I hope you all have a fabulous day!

[Inaugural] Saturday Coffee with Sara


Image || Top Inspired

Hey gals and happy Saturday to you all!  So I have been doing some brainstorming and reflecting in regards to this blog, who I am, and what I’m all about… And it dawned on me that I have only been sharing a tiny piece of my life with you as of late.  While I love all things fashion and style, there is so much more to life than just the clothes we wear, so I decided to start a recurring Saturday post called SATURDAY COFFEE WITH SARA!  I want to be personal, intimate, share and care with all of my amazing readers and friends every Saturday morning so we can get to know each other more and support one another in our endeavors!

These posts are going to be a weekly recap, if you will.  The week’s peak and pit!  I don’t want to define in too much detail what will be discussed, because life is so unpredictable and we are complex human beings! But I am pretty sure you can count on me sharing stories and images of my precious puppies, my amazing manfriend, my career, my hopes & goals, my trials and tribulations, my fitness journey, the path to eating whole to remedy stomach health issues, my family, and travels!

 PEAK || As an event planner for a large nonprofit in the Omaha-Metro area, I get to meet SO many awesome people in the community.  I love networking, creating relationships, sharing stories, and raising awareness about our Agency and the many life-sustaining programs and services we offer to over 50,000 people a year!  One of my “duties” is to host a monthly event called Good Works 101.  Usually this lunch gathering takes place at our main office in one of the conference rooms, but every once in a while we have a Board Member host a special after-hours Good Works.  And this past Wednesday, one of our awesome members had my Team out to her small town in Iowa.  Not only are her and her husband pillars of their community, hospitable, and extremely successful, they are also kind, compassionate, and philanthropic.  They believe in our mission and are strong advocates for all of the important work we do!  About 30 people were at this intimate event and I had the pleasure to meet so many nice people!  For me, that is what my job is all about.

PIT || Letting my emotions get the best of me.  Not maintaining my positivity.  I have to remember that not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve as I do.  My sensitive soul, which makes me ME, can also cloud my pragmatic thinking and that is something that I know I need to work on.  Honest moments of reflection here, people!

So thank you for taking a slice out of your busy weekend to read Sabby Style and I truly hope you enjoy Saturday Coffee with Sara, xo!

Soft in Silver & Gray




Soft and cozy in this overly over-sized sweater was all I needed this past weekend when it was mighty chilly here in the O! It was a whoppin’ one degree on my way to work on Tuesday, good lord it needs to warm up like right now!  But a girl can dream, right?  Okay back to reality… and this sweater.  I was hesitant to wear it and actually didn’t know how the heck to style it because I have always been under the notion that small, petite gals should not wear larger, over-sized pieces.  So I was a bit baffled when I was getting ready to step out for some din din, but thought the skinny jeans and pointy-toe pumps streamlined the look and the high bun made for a fuss-less look!

And you know I had to add some major arm-charm to jazz it up along with this gorgeous silver-coin collar necklace from SoCal Gems!

PS, let’s quick chat about this TB bag.  If you are on the fence about whether to pull the trigger or not… Just. Do. It.  Seriously though.  I absolutely love this bag and am so happy that I saved up some moolah and bought it for myself!  The next time TB has a sale (I got it during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale), jump on it because the leather is smooth as butter, the tassels are perfection, and the gold hard-ware topped with a triple zip makes for a must-have bag!






|Sweater: Gift but this version is fab| Necklace: SoCal Gems c/o (code SARASAB)| Tshirt: Old Navy (sold out) but this one is darling| Bag| Heels| Denim: American Eagle (old) but great options here and here (under $30!)| Bracelets: Chloe+Isabel, Purple Peridot, BTB Jewelry, Kate Spade| Watch|

Thanks so much for reading and have an AWESOME day!