GNO Event + a Full Heart





Hi sister-friends!  We are just about one month shy of another GIRLS NIGHT OMAHA event on November 4th!  This time around, we will be focusing on pattern mixing and styling layers for Fall!  I am super excited to have a second opportunity to share my passion for fashion with some pretty fabulous Omaha babes!

And as we look forward to our next GNO event, please let me gush for a second…. my BFF, Michelle Bazis, literally made my dreams come true by making this event series come to life.  Not dreams like being in front of people and claiming to be a professional in the field of shopping, but dreams as in I had the chance to pour my heart and soul into an event that empowers women, lifts each other up, encourages shopping local & supporting local businesses networking and relationship building, while making new friends and helping others find their inner confident fashionista!  The theme was a Summer-into-Fall workshop that featured darling cookies, delicious local wine, beautiful models, great clothes and about 100 of the coolest Omaha chicks!

IMG_5586 IMG_5587 IMG_5578


IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5581

We also asked people to bring donations for a local nonprofit organization (Heartland Family Service – my employer!) and boy did they show their generosity to those in need!


Mark your calendars for November 4th and stay tuned for details coming soon!


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