My Story


Hello Gal Pals! Thank you for stopping by and visiting this little blog of mine; it truly means the world to me.  Sabby Style is a direct reflection of my personal style and passion to collect a savvy wardrobe, create fabulous ensembles and unexpected looks, all while not breaking the bank! Splurge vs. Steal is a mantra I practice daily when deciding what pieces to invest in and when to pass on an item that would be a one-time wear.  Gingham, stripes, plaid and lots of color make this petite fashionista jump with joy! I hope to share with you my love of fashion and style that can be achieved with a little outside-the-box thinking! I LOVE to rework pieces, mix and match, to push my style boundaries and try that new trend! Why not? Style is personal, unique, creative, challenging, organic and natural.  It knows no rules!

My style tip may seem cliche but it is to  STAY TRUE TO YOU!  There have been times when I have let other people’s opinions influence what ensemble I choose and then I regret it the moment I step out of the house.  Why? Because I didn’t listen to my inner fashionista! Some looks aren’t for everyone and that is what makes this fashion world such a fun and amazing place.  Wear what feels right! Not because someone else likes this or likes that, but go with your gut and rock your look.  If you love it, that is all that matters! Some outfits are home run hits and others get the “why did I wear that together?” Hind sight is always 20/20. Isn’t fashion and personal style all about risks and trying new things? I think so! So, the  moral of the story is, stay true to you and wear what makes your heart go pitter-patter!

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