Fringe, Flare and Flannel…

Fall Favorites

Tan Fringe Booties // Burgundy Fringe Heels // Necklace // Flare 1 // Flare 2 // Flare 3

Flannel Cape // Flannel Crop Top // Plaid Satchel // Plaid Wallet

Baby Lips (Cherry Me) & Revlon Dark Stain (Crush) // Revlon Pink Stain (Sweetheart) & Baby Lips (Pink Punch)

You guys, I am looooooving all things fringe, flare, and flannel this Fall! Say that three times fast.   The 70’s are making a major comeback this season and I’m secretly loving it.  I always joke with my parents that I was born in the wrong era because my favorite bands and music are straight out of the 60’s & 70’s!  I love the pairing of plaids and flannels with high-waisted flare denim and do you know the cherry on top??? FRINGE! I love it.  I’m definitely not hippie-dippie but I am dabbling in this trend!

And if you are hesitant about pulling the trigger on a pair of designer jeans, rest easy knowing that you can’t go wrong with high-waisted jeans.  They are timeless, SO flattering, and are great in all four seasons!  Think boots in the fall/winter and darling wedge platforms in the spring/summer!  I prefer a medium to dark wash, as I find them to be versatile as they can be dressed up or down; great for a variety of occasions!

What are you girls loving this Fall?  Thanks so much for reading and have yourselves an awesome day!

FALLING … for the NSALE!

NSale Picks
1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

TODAY IS THE DAY.  THE DAY THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER (which is the case) can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Okay.  I’m not going to beat around the bush and say “oh man, I can’t decide what items to get because I can’t get them all” because to be frank, I did in fact get everything you are seeing her.  Before you go judging (hey, we all do, we’re human and God still loves us!), in my defense, I did a huge closet clean out and sold well more than what I actually spent.  Which is why it took me a while to finally pull the trigger because I knew I had to sell, sell, sell and part with items to make room for new! And, now that I feel I am fully stocked up for Fall & Winter, I plan to go on a no-shopping stint for the next few months.  So, if you see me talking about sales, new items, and the “oh I must have this” stuff, give me grief and remind me of this blog post! Hey, if it’s writing then I have to stick to it 🙂

Okay, so moving past the first stages of grief, I am now blissfully in acceptance because you guys, I am ready for Fall, ya’ll! I kept adding and removing things from my shopping cart, which helps me really think about what I truly want, and these are the pieces that I kept coming back to over and over.  I’m all about the black, earth neutrals, and soft tones, as of late, which you can clearly see from the picture above, but you know I have my punchy, bright and colorful accessories that I will add to my looks to make it Sabby!

Are you having trouble deciding what to get? Well I can relate, so let me share what I kept in mind while making my purchases.  1.) Fit, Fit, Fit.  I know what does, and doesn’t, look good on my body type.  So while I see so many fab blogging friends rocking some fierce things, I have to stop myself from getting it for myself because I know that it just won’t flatter my body.  Like boyfriend jeans for example.  It must be my petite frame and larger chest that makes these suppose-to-be laid back, cool girl jeans, I just look like I am wearing my man’s baggy jeans! Which is why I went with the olive, stretchy denim with mild rips & tears that are a medium rise.  These kinds of jeans flatter and that I cannot say no to!  2.) Tops that can be dressed up and down.  Thankfully I am in a line of work that does not require super corporate attire, so I look for pieces that I can wear to the office and on date-night.  I love to wear things over and over (as we should) so I have to be sure I can come up with at least 5 ways to wear it before I even buy it!  And 3.) Do I need another bag? Purses are one of my weaknesses which is why I spent three weeks debating on this pink/taupe, reversible, tote! Not because of the price tag (which is under $50 btw!), but because I know I don’t need just another bag.  But a tote, that I do need.  And it will blend perfectly with the soft blush and neutral tones I am loving right now.  And it will hold all my shit! Hey, real talk here 🙂

Thanks so much for reading today, I know it was lengthy, but it means the world to me.  Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know what you are planning to get for yourselves! And tag me on IG, too!

Nordstrom ANNIVERSARY Sale

Anni Sale

You guys, it. is. finally. here.  THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!  I can’t even.  Today marks early access for Nordy card members (p.s. click here to sign up! I signed up for the debit card so it’s not a major CC, as it’s linked directly to my checking account, like a Target card… I know you have one) and you know I could not not get early access to this shiz.  I have been stock piling items in my cart in hopes that they go on sale! Now is the time to get those designer goodies you’ve been eying.  I might have 17 things in my cart.  No judging! I won’t get them all… unless they all on sale! Like I passed on the Anthro 4th of July sale so I could snag everything in my Nordy shopping cart! Yep, I’m dedicated.

My style is evolving and going through a season of change, so you may notice that many of these items are neutral (and black, say whaaaa? I know you’re thinking, Sara you never wear black and I knowwww! Hence the season of change) but I feel that what I’ve been drawn to lately are pieces that are a bit more sophisticated, sleek, simple, (think more Nordstrom/Shopbop/Anthro and less Old Navy/Jcrew) but of course with a dash of color sprinkled in (see that pink blazer?!).  Don’t worry, I haven’t thrown out all of my wardrobe! I just did a major editing session in which I parted with pieces that aren’t aligned with my new “season”… so stay tuned for an IG closet sale! 🙂

Now if I can’t get everythinggggg in my cart (which, hello, I do live on planet earth and ball on a nonprofit budget) I know I will be getting a handful of things that I have been patiently waiting to get!  First is the two-tone gold and silver MK watch.  Second, the black moto jacket.  Third, pink boyfriend blazer.  Fourth, the luggage color mules.  Fifth would be the olive green denim, and last but not least, the pink/tan tote!

I cannot wait to see and hear what you gals are crushing over and end up purchasing! Be sure to tag me on IG so I can see your picks (and so I can get them, too!).