Saturday Steals… All Under $50!

Hey you sexy thang you! I don’t about you, but I find myself wanting to do some shopping come Saturday morning, and that usually means online shopping from the comforts of my couch, fuzzy blanket, while watching trashy DVR shows, so today I’ve rounded up some great sale items I have my eyes on from! And guess what??? EVERYTHING IS UNDER $50!!! Happy Saturday! 


Michael Kors Wristlet // Cognac & Aqua Reversible Leather Tote // Black Mini Satchel

Leopard Claudette Pump // Black Patent Tennies // Cerulean Blue Claudette Pump

Light Blue & White Stripe Long Sleeve Tee (runs tight in arms, I’m a Medium) // Green & White Stripe Sweater // Blue Skinny Jeans // Black Skinny Jeans // Blue Plaid Shirt // Sunday Funday Tee

Have an awesome weekend and be blessed & happy!


Morning Coffee + Time with Him


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Good morning sister-friends and happy Saturday!  How was everyone’s week?  Mine was swift and busy which makes the days fly by… and I’m not complaining because Friday got here in the blink of an eye!  I thought I would share something a bit personal and let you in on how I spend my Saturday & Sunday mornings…. praying, listening, and reading/doing my bible study.

DISCLAIMER – I am in no way an expert on religion, nor a theology major, nor am I here to preach/push/make anyone feel uncomfortable about the topics of God, Jesus, and religion.  So if this post isn’t for you, that’s ok! I’ll see you on Monday for a fresh new outift/IG recap post 🙂

Now let me back the bus up for a second to give you some {brief} history!  I was born and raised a practicing Roman Catholic and attended a private Catholic grade school (1st through 8th) and a private, all girls, Catholic high school.  I went to church every Sunday with my mom, dad, and sister and LOVED it.  Yes, I truly loved having that hour every Sunday morning (though none of my family are early risers, thanks mom!) with my family and growing our faith in God.  Then afterwards we would go to Burger King for early lunch and there was a clown named Ginger Snaps who would often frequent that location on Sundays and it was always a fun surprise if Ginger Snaps would be there or not!  For those of you who are afraid of clowns, this would not be fun… But because I have such fond memories of her and the happiness she brought to my sister and I, I am forever fond of clowns!  Shoot, she even did my birthday party one year 🙂  And other Sundays, we would join my entire family (grandpa/grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins) at a restaurant (I think it was called Brown Cow!) for brunch and they had the best chocolate milk everrrrr!

So the point is, I love(d) being Catholic and going to church with my family.  But then college happened and then being a young (and sometimes stupid) adult happened and I got out of those awesome habits I had spent my entire life building along with my weekly routine of attending church, praying, listening, believing, and knowing.  So fast forward a few years, and it was about this time last year, that I decided I needed to rediscover my faith and truly learn about the Bible, read scriptures, study their meaning, and re-educate myself on the history of my religion.  Aka why do I believe what I grew up believing? And how does it apply to my life now???  PS, it totally does!  So to help me in that journey, I purchased an awesome bible, and a few study guides.

The bible I chose is the Modern Life Study Bible – God’s Word For Our World.  This is a study bible, which has thousands of study features full of fresh insights along with hundreds of full-color maps, diagrams, charts, and illustrations.  This bible is an informative resource for modern believers and helps me apply God’s Law and meaning to life now, life today!

 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.39.46 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.40.05 AM

The study guide that I am currently working through and would highly recommend is “Jesus Is_____” by Judah Smith.  It reads like a book! And the author is a very down-to-earth, humble pastor in Seattle that tells it like it is and reassures us that God loves us.  For those of you who are hesitant and don’t want to feel preached upon or judged, this book is for you.


Here are three other guides/devotionals I have recently picked up and will be starting soon!

Crash the Chatterbox


Jesus, I Need You – Devotionals


Book of John Study Guide


I know this particular topic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but in keeping true to myself, my values, and the authenticity of this blog, I feel it’s important to show all sides of me, not just the pretty clothes! So thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice…


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Hi friends and happy Saturday! It is most definitely starting to feel like Fall around here and with the sweaters, booties, and scarves comes the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte!  Ahhh, just pretend you are sitting over a hot cup of joe and take a deep breath.  Let that cinnamon spice aroma fill your space and just like that, Fall is here! But I have vowed to not let this Starbucks season turn me into a $5 a day habit, so I am limiting myself to one coffee treat per week! #weddingsaintcheap

PIT // PANERA HAS STOPPED SERVING FRENCH ONION SOUP.  Yes, you are reading this right.  I was devastated when I went to get some soup last night and much to my dismay, was told that they are no longer carrying this flavor.  Say what?!!!  The sweet gal working tried to reassure me that someday in the future they might bring it back… which basically means that soup season is upon us and I am without my favorite soup!  I know, small potatoes in the big scheme of things, but for a recent pescatarian that has digestive issues, finding a soup that sits well, is yummy, and isn’t a calorie-bomb is a rare commodity!  Ok rant over.  So if you have any homemade french onion soup recipes that you care to share, send them my way!

PEAK // We officially booked our wedding photographer!  And signed the contract to our reception venue, paid the deposit for the church, and had our first meeting with our marriage prep facilitator! I LOVE checking stuff off my to-do list, woohoo!

Side note …. One word, Evernote.  You guys, my life has been changed! I can’t believe I am just now discovering this awesome, streamlined organizational system.  With my full-time job, blogging business & events, and wedding planning, things have gotten a bit hectic (in a good way!) and this system has now made organization a breeze!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Saturday Coffee with Sara


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Hi friends and happy Saturday ! How was everyone’s week?! Mine was pretty crazy with a jam-packed work schedule.  We had our Safe Haven Golf Tournament yesterday to raise support and awareness for our Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault programs, which includes our Safe Haven concealed shelter for women and children.  Though a lot goes into logistically planning for a fundraising event and something always happens in the 11th hour that throws you off your plan, it is SO worth it to see a great group of community members come out and show their heart and love for Heartland Family Service and the life-saving programs and services we offer each year! <—- PEAK 

PIT —-> We received some very sad news on Tuesday that our Board of Directors Chairmen suffered a fatal heart attack and suddenly passed away.  Tom was such a passionate, driven, friendly, funny, and humble community leader and we were truly blessed to have him serve on our Board for seven years before his Presidential term.  Tom was an Ambassador and loved to talk to anyone and everyone about our agency and did not miss an opportunity to share why he loves Heartland Family Service.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife and daughter, and though we are terribly sad, we are beyond thankful of the opportunity to know and work with him and for the countless hours spent devoted to our mission, our clients, and our staff.

Thank you so, so much for stopping by and reading these posts.  I am constantly trying to find more ways to put aside the highlight reel and to be real and raw with you.  I am just a midwest gal who loves her family, dogs, and career more than anything, with my passion for fashion integrated into all things Sara and Sabby Style!  Have an awesome day, GF’s!

Saturday Coffee // Me + YOU!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.49.54 PM

HOW PERFECT IS THIS MUG?!? It is so me, ask Tony! He knows not to talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee!

Good morning and happy Saturday, friends! So today we (my work/Team) are hosting our annual Gala and I am so, so excited to finally see it all come together!  The copious amounts of coffee and donuts that are consumed during the weeks leading up to this day, along with the very long hours, are completely worth it when the end of the night comes and we realize we have raised SO much money that goes directly to the 50 programs offered through our agency!  So while you lovers are wining and dining with your men, I’ll be running my tail off and spending the evening with my closest 500 friends!

PIT // Is it bad that I truly cannot come up with something to put here?  It was a very busy week preparing for tonight’s event, but I have an amazing Team and work for an incredible organization, so I really can’t complain over working hard!  But I sure do miss my boys while I’m gone during the day.  As much as I love working and my job, I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home blogger/puppy mom/house girlfriend!

PEAK // On Thursday I was inducted into Optimist Club!  My nerd/love-to-be-involved side comes out every Thursday morning when I get up at the crack of dawn to drive 35 minutes to attend the 7am morning Optimist Club with a group of people who are about 50+ years older!  I love meeting new people, forming relationships, and being involved with the community, so while I complain about getting up early, I am honored and so happy to be an official member of this neat club! Raising money for scholarships, supporting local nonprofits, and volunteering is most definitely something I am blessed to be a part of!

BRAGGING MOMENT // So my sweet manfriend (his name is Tony, if you’re a new reader!) is so good about making Valentine’s Day special. I’m not talking cheesy stuff, but like true-blue, we’re best friends and we’re in this together, forever, kind of special.  P.S., And if you haven’t ever bought flowers from Whole Foods, you must! They have the best blooms, and I know I can count on coming home to a bountiful bouquet of my favorite pink roses!  Some years we do gifts, some years we don’t; it all just depends on our budget, recent expenses, etc. but we always take a moment, get each other a card and share how much we appreciate one another.  Since I have my work event tonight, we will exchange cards and gifts on Sunday and then maybe indulge in a little HH!  I don’t need an expensive dinner, in fact, I would rather cook at home together, make some drinks, and get tipsy!

Well ladies, I hope you all have a loved and blessed Valentine’s Day and I am sending hugs and love to you all!  Happy Galentine’s Day, sista-friends!

Saturday Coffee // Me + You!



Hi friends and happy freakin’ weekend to you all! How was everyone’s week? We got a crazy amount of snow (okay, not crazy like Boston dumped on, but still) throughout the week which made for a hectic and not normal work schedule.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE an adult snow day, but man, when my routine is thrown off, I’m thrown off!  Needless to say I am thrilled that the weekend is upon us and looking forward to a normal work week!

ROGER UPDATE //  I first want to thank you all so very much for the well wishes and prayers for our sweet little Roger.  We received the best of the worst news and Rog indeed does have diabetes.  But, I must say how thankful I am that it is manageable and we have the means to do just that!  He is only five and will have plenty of life and years ahead of him, and that makes this puppy mama very, very happy!

PIT // Spending a truckload at the Vet’s office! My word. Literally, they suck the life out of us! And then you add two dogs into the mix, and I swear we are shelling out half our paychecks to them a 3-4 times a year! But, again, I am so thankful that we have the means to provide such happy lives to our two little boys and they are worth every cent… even though mama would rather buy shoes!

PEAK //  It was my Grandpa Sab’s 85th Birthday last week and unfortunately I was in the ER with that awful kidney stone when we were supposed to go out to dinner with our family.  But on Tuesday after work I went over to his house for a visit and let me just say, those visits fill my heart with joy.  Being in that house gives me so much comfort and joy and I can still see my Grandma there.  She has long since passed due to ALS, but thankfully my Grandpa met Regina, his lady friend, many years ago, and though it took a while for us to adjust, he is happy and not alone.  And that is really all that matters! Plus, she made Tony and I (and my mom, dad, & sister) some awesome slippers so I guess she’s a keeper 🙂

It’s also my mom’s 54th Birthday today! I can’t wait to head out with the fam tonight for some food and delicious drinks!  PS, my mom is the best ever.  Like really though.  Many people say I am just like her and I love that.  Because if I become half the woman that she is, then that is a fine life lived!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

Work Style Wrap-Up!

Hello friends! Whether you are sipping on a cocktail or your favorite cup of tea, wearing your stilettos or slippers, and eating sushi or microwave popcorn; whatever you are doing or wherever you may be, I hope you are having a grand time!

I thought I would share my work looks from this past week and wish you all a Happy Friday and TGIF peeps!

Also, this last outfit is a sneak peek of a blog post coming soon and it is all about those bow flats! Thanks for stopping by sistas and have a great night!

xoxo, Sara